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Spinal Stabilization Surgery: What Does It Involve?

Spinal stabilization becomes necessary to treat a number of spine conditions. The degree of stabilization required depends on the severity of the problem and the assessment done by your surgeon. Spinal stabilization surgery involves inserting instruments such as screws and plates in the back of your spine to stabilize it and facilitate fusion after decompression. Why You Would Need...Continue reading

Liver Surgery | Anchorage, Alaska

The surgical removal of a portion of your liver is called liver surgery or liver resection. This procedure is usually performed to remove tumors. It is also referred to as a partial or full hepatectomy. Our surgeon, Dr. Prasad, has the experience in performing complicated and major liver surgery procedures using the latest techniques. Reasons for Liver Surgery A liver surgery or...Continue reading

Large Intestine Surgery (Colectomy) | Anchorage, Alaska

The large intestine also called the large bowel or colon, connects the small intestine to the anus. A large bowel resection or colectomy is a surgical procedure where all or just the diseased part of your large bowel is removed. Our surgeon, Dr. Prasad is highly experienced and skilled in performing surgery on the large intestine. Reasons for Large Intestine Surgery Large intestine...Continue reading

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