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Bariatric Surgery: Types, Requirements, Risks, and Aftercare

The surgical procedure used to treat obesity is called bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery. These types of surgeries make some changes to the digestion system that help you lose weight. They either limit the amount of food you can eat, or reduce the nutrient absorption level, or both. These weight-loss surgeries are required when you are prone to serious health problems due to your...Continue reading

Liver Surgery | Anchorage, Alaska

The surgical removal of a portion of your liver is called liver surgery or liver resection. This procedure is usually performed to remove tumors. It is also referred to as a partial or full hepatectomy. Our surgeon, Dr. Prasad, has the experience in performing complicated and major liver surgery procedures using the latest techniques. Reasons for Liver Surgery A liver surgery or...Continue reading

Small Intestine Surgery (Small Bowel Resection) | Anchorage, Alaska

Small intestine surgery, also called a small bowel resection, is performed to treat conditions that cause inflammation, infections, ulcers, or blockages in the small intestine. Our surgeon, Dr. Prasad, is highly experienced in performing the most advanced, minimally invasive procedures for treating these conditions. Reasons for Small Intestine SurgeryConditions or diseases that may...Continue reading

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