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Laparoscopic Repair of a Paraesophageal Hernia in Anchorage, Alaska

Laparoscopic repair of a paraesophageal hernia is a minimally invasive surgical procedure where a few small keyhole incisions are made in your abdomen to squeeze the herniated part of the stomach back to its original position. Laparoscopic repair procedures in paraesophageal hernia cases result in significantly fewer complications and faster recovery. Dr. Madhu Prasad is a trusted...Continue reading

Femoral Hernia Surgery in Anchorage, Alaska

A femoral hernia occurs in the upper thigh near the groin just below the inguinal ligament when a portion of your intra-abdominal tissue pushes through a weak area of the groin. At Far North Surgery, Dr. Madhu Prasad – a general surgeon in Anchorage, AK and his team are experienced in treating femoral hernias with successful outcomes. Causes of Femoral Hernia The exact cause of femoral...Continue reading

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